Toopy is one of the main characters of the Toopy and Binoo series. He is best friends with Binoo and he loves drugs and he and Binoo always go on acid trips together. Toopy also loves to lick smelly cheese and eats shark shit

Toopy is a university drop out due to him and Binoo doing too much acid, he also has a criminal record for the amount of drugs he does. He has a part time job at a coffee shop. Toopy is known for his constant use of racial slurs, and is a well known member of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). He has been arrested on multiple occasions for grand theft auto, vehicular manslaughter, murder in the first degree, DUI, and domestic violence.

In his free time, he also enjoys sucking on fat big ones, along with going to Bionicle Hooters with Binoo.

Physical Appearance

His voice sounds like a horny 14 year old Canadian male eating a cactus and he uses funny names for exotic creatures, ingredients, and certain objects like "Pepepenis Poop/Poopy Poop" (in the The Great Goo Goo), and "Zippery-Zip" (in Play Clay). He appears to be approximately 20 years old. He is also very big in size due to his penis being smaller than him.

Toopy is voiced by John Cena and Toopy has appeared on all the episodes in the series.

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