Season 1
Episode 3A and 13B
Next Episode Invisible World (3B)

Tiger Binoo (13C)

Toopy's Story is a segment of some of the episodes in the Toopy and Binoo series. The first time it's been played was as episode 3A, and then repeats as 13B before Tiger Binoo.


Binoo can't sleep, so he wants Toopy to tell him a bedtime story, but the book that Toopy reads to Binoo has a missing page in it, so they go inside the book to find another ending for a story.


The episode starts off with Toopy and Binoo getting ready for bed. Toopy was so tired. But, before they could fall asleep, Binoo decides to read a story. But, as they were reading the story, they noticed that the page is missing. Then, Toopy makes an ending, but, Binoo and the dragon in the story didn't like the ending. So, Toopy and Binoo decided to go find another ending for their story.

They dress up as knights and make their way through the forest and they chase the dragon. Then, Toopy starts yawning and discovers a bed under a tree and the dragon didn't like the ending. So, Toopy changes it into a tower. Then, they climbed the stairs and Toopy finds a bed, but, Binoo and the dragon don't like the ending. So, Toopy changes it to a dancing octopus, but, they didn't like it. Then, he changes it to a giant duck. But, no! Then, Toopy changes it to a beautiful lady dragon and the dragons fall in love. And then, Toopy notices the reward for finding the end of the story, they climbed in a bed as the scene changes back to the bedroom and Toopy reads the ending and they went to sleep as the episode ends.


Once upon a time there were two knights searching all over the kingdom for a dragon the two brave knights follow the dragon through the dark forest and so Brave Knight Sir Toopy and Brave Knight Sir Binoo are looking for dragons in the forest. The Two Knights follow a dragon. Suddenly, they came to a tower a really tall tower so the Knights climb up the tower with way too many stairs Sir Toopy and Sir Binoo found a really really beautiful lady dragon. So, as a reward for finding the end of the story the Two Brave Knights got the most comfortable bed they climbed in right away and the two dragons lived happily ever after the end.


Toopy: Beddy-beddy-bedtime, I am so sleepy. [Climbs on the bed and sighs] Cozy wozy. [Yawns] Goodnight Binoo, have a great sleep.

[Toopy turns off the light and the screen turns dark until Binoo turns on the light and the book is shown]

Toopy: Hmm? [Opens his eyes] What’s up? Oh, I get it. [Takes the book] You want a story, right?

Toopy: [Yawns and opens the book] Well okay, but just one. I am so tired… [Yawns and starts reading] Once upon a time, there were two brave knights searching all over the kingdom for… [Yawns] …a dragon. The two brave knights followed the dragon into the dark forest and— [Flips the page] Uh-oh,

[Binoo wakes up anxiously and looks at Toopy]

Toopy: [Looks at Binoo] Sorry Binoo, but I can’t finish the story…

[Scene shows the book with the missing page]

Toopy: …the page is missing!

[Scene shows back to Toopy and Binoo]

Toopy: Don’t worry, I’ll make up an ending. [Yawns] So, they went home and went to bed. The end! [Binoo fold his arms] What?! You didn't like the ending? [Binoo shook his head and the dragon pops out] What?! You didn't like the end, either, huh. I guess we'll just have to go and find another end for this story.

[The scene changes to the forest and Toopy and Binoo were riding sheep and they were knight outfits.]


  • Running Gag: Toopy trying make the story end with the bed, but, Binoo and the dragon denied it.


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