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Toopy's Bed is the fifth segment in the eighth episode of Season 1 on the Toopy and Binoo series.


Toopy is not comfy in his own bed so he and Binoo go on an adventure to find a new bed.


The marshmallow bed is too squishy, the jelly bed is jiggly-wiggly, the cotton candy bed is too soft and fluffy, the water bed is to wavy and the feathery bed is comfy, …while it lasts.


  • The beds that Toopy and Binoo found and test are:
  1. Marshmallow Bed
  2. Jelly Bed
  3. Cotton Candy Bed
  4. Water Bed
  5. Feathery Bed
  6. Lots-of-mattresses Bed
  7. Cloud Bed

The lots-of-mattresses bed is a homage to the story of The Princess and the Pea.


Toopy: Beddy-beddy-bedtime

[Binoo yawns]​

[Toopy yawns off-screen]

Toopy: Nighty-night Binoo.

Binoo: Nighty-night Toopy.

[Toopy turns off the light]

[Toopy flips his head side-to-side. Toopy lays leftwards on his belly through the covers. Toopy lays with his feet on the bottom and his head on the top-front through the covers. Toopy hides under the covers with his feet shown on the top-front]

Toopy: Awwwhh! [Sighs]

[Toopy turns on the light]

Toopy: I can't sleep Binoo,

Binoo: What? [Wakes up]

Toopy: Maybe we need a comfier bed.

[Binoo yawns again]

Toopy[Jumps off the bed] C'mon,

[Binoo stands up on the bed]

Toopy: let's go look for one!

Binoo: Great idea Toopy! [Gets Patchy Patch and walks and jumps off the bed and follows Toopy]

[The next scene shows the marshmallow bed]

[Toopy and Binoo see the marshmallow bed]

Toopy[Gasps] Here, this bed will be nice and soft.

Binoo: That would be cool.

Toopy: Hey, [Sniffs] It's a marshmallow! [Jumps on the marshmallow bed] Marshmallows are so squishy!

Binoo: Yeah they are!

Toopy: What could be better than a marshmallow bed? [Lays down and sighs]

[The marshmallow bed begins to be squished]

Binoo: Toopy?

[The marshmallow bed begins to bring Toopy down and he sinks in it and falls off and gets his head off and Binoo pulls him up]

Toopy[Laughs] Nope, this one isn't quite right! [Jumps off the marshmallow bed] C'mon Binoo, I'm sure we can a better bed than that!

Binoo[Walks and jumps off the marshmallow bed and follows Toopy] Okay.

[Toopy thinks until he sees something and gasps]

[The next scene shows the jelly bed]

Binoo: What's that?

Toopy: A jelly bed! [Shakes the jelly bed] Jiggly-wiggly! [Laughs] C'mon.

Binoo: Okay.

[Toopy sighs and Binoo comes on. The jelly bed continues shaking. Binoo jumps on the jelly bed. Toopy and Binoo bounce on the jelly bed and laugh and the jelly bed shakes some more and shakes very strong and bounces Toopy off and Toopy falls over]

Toopy: Alright, yep-- [Laughs] Hey! A cotton candy bed!

[The next scene shows the cotton candy bed]

[Toopy rushes and jumps and lands on the cotton candy bed]

Binoo: Are you okay on the cotton candy bed?

Toopy[Laughs] Maybe a little too soft and fluffy.

[Scene skips to Toopy and Binoo walking along]

Toopy: There's no problemo!

[Toopy throws a piece of cotton candy from the cotton candy bed backwards]

Binoo: You got it!

Toopy: We'll find the perfect one.

[The next scene shows the water bed]

[Toopy sees the water bed and gasps]

Toopy: Cool, a water bed. Look at the fishies Binoo! Hi fishy-fishy-fish.

Binoo[Yawns] Hi fishy-fishy-fish.

[One of the fish yawn]

Toopy: 'Hope we don't mind if we [Crawls and laughs] sleep on you!

[The water bed begins to wave]

Toopy[Laughs] Whoa, I think this one is too wavy! Whoa!

[The water bed bounces Toopy off]

Binoo: Are you okay?

[Toopy lands on his feet and laughs]

Toopy: Let's keep looking.

Binoo: Okay.

[Binoo follows Toopy]

Toopy: Wow,

[The next scene shows the feathery bed]

Toopy: Feathers, Perfect.

Binoo: A feathery bed!

[Toopy jumps and lands on the feathery bed]

[The feathers from the feathery bed fall down]

Toopy: Comfy, …while it lasts!

[Scene skips to Toopy and Binoo walking along]

Toopy: The night is still young, [Feathers from the feathery bed fall off of his head] right?

Binoo: Yeah.

[Toopy and Binoo sing by humming until they see something]

Toopy: Wow.

Binoo: What's that?

Toopy: Binoo, look at that!

[Film pans all the way up to the top]

[The next scene shows the lots-of-mattresses bed]

Toopy: Yikes, [Laughs] I can't even see the top!

Binoo[Laughs] Me neither!

Toopy[Jumps on the ladder] This will be a comfy bed for sure. Look at all the mattresses!

[The lots-of-mattresses bed gets shown again]

Binoo: It's a lots-of-mattresses bed!

Toopy: I can't wait to snuggle down in this super comfy bed!

[Toopy climbs up the ladder. Binoo jumps on the ladder and climbs up and follows him]

Binoo[Laughs] Me too!

[Binoo climbs up the ladder]

Toopy: It's gonna be so soft. [Continues climbing]

Binoo[Stops and continues climbing] And so cozy.

[Toopy and Binoo finally make it all the way to the top of the lots-of-mattresses bed]

Toopy[Scoffs] Finally,

Binoo: We made it! [Scoffs]

Toopy: This bed is really comfy for sure. [Lays down]

Binoo: 'Sure does Toopy. [Lays down with Toopy and sighs]

Toopy: Oh, [Opens his eyes] and that view.

[The night sky gets seen and in 2½ seconds, Toopy gasps and a shooting star is seen flying along for 1½ seconds]

Toopy: Look up, [Points at the shooting star] a shooting star!

[Binoo gasps]

Toopy: Make a wish Binoo, you gotta make a wish!

Binoo[Whispery] I wish you let me sleep.

Toopy: You wish I-- [Laughs] let you sleep? [Continues laughing]

[The next scene shows the cloud bed]

Toopy: Hey, a cloud!

[Toopy and Binoo jump off the lots-of-mattresses bed and land on the cloud bed. Toopy lays down]

Toopy: Now that would make a super duper comfy-womfy bed for sure!

Binoo[Lays down] Fabulous idea Toopy! [Laughs]

Toopy[Sighs] This is perfect.

Binoo: Yeah.

Toopy: So Binoo,

[Binoo yawns]

Toopy: you didn't tell me which bed you like the best. Hmm?

Binoo: It was our bed. [Laughs]

Toopy[Laughs] Right, me too …I guess. Our bed. [Laughs] Our bed.

[Scene skips to Toopy and Binoo's bedroom and their own bed]

Toopy: Hey old friend, 'hope you didn't miss us.

[Binoo yawns]

Toopy: Well then, I suppose it's time to say "Nighty-night".

Binoo[Jumps on the bed] And it's time for a good night's sleep.

Toopy: So,

[Binoo lays down. Toopy jumps on the bed and lays down with Binoo]

Toopy: Nighty-night now.

Binoo: Nighty-night.

[Toopy turns off the light and Binoo begins to sleep except Toopy]

Toopy: I don't know why but …I can't sleep!

[Toopy turns on the light]

[Toopy grunts and groans. Binoo wakes up again noticing that he can give Patchy Patch to Toopy]

Binoo: You can have my friend Patchy Patch if you want.

Toopy: Aw, [Takes Patchy Patch] thank you Binoo. You want me to have Patchy Patch.

Binoo[Nods his head] Yeah.

Toopy: Maybe he's just what I need. [Kisses Patchy Patch]

[Toopy puts Patchy Patch in the middle side of the bed and turns off the light. Toopy and Binoo lay down and begin to sleep]

Binoo[Whispery and sleeping] 'Night Toopy?…

Toopy[Whispery and sleeping] 'Night Binoo?…

Binoo[Whispery and sleeping] 'Night Toopy.

Toopy[Whispery and sleeping] 'Night Binoo.

[Episode ends.]


International Premieres

International Versions

  • Canadian and American English - Toopy and Binoo: Toopy's Bed
  • Latin American Spanish - Toopy y Binoo: La Cama de Toopy
  • Brazilian Portuguese - Tupi e Binu: A Cama de Tupi
  • Canadian and European French - Toupie et Binou: La Lit d'Toupie
  • German - Toopy und Binoos Abenturer: Toopys Bett
  • Italian - Toopy e Binoo: La Letto di Toopy
  • Castilian Spanish - Topi y Bino: El Cemo de Topi
  • European Portuguese - Tepo e Benha: O Cemo de Tepo
  • Russian - Топи и Бино: Топи Постель
  • Czech - Tops a Biho: Tops je Lůžko
  • Hungarian - Telső és Buka: Telső a Ágy
  • Romanian - Top și Bos: Top lui Pat
  • Serbian - Tavina i Bok: Tavina Vreme
  • Slovenian - Tavrh in Bostelja: Tavrh Postelja
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