Tiger Binoo is both the first part of the first episode.

Tiger Binoo
Tiger Binoo
Season 1
Episode 1A and 13C
Next Episode The Flying Hat and Magic Mirror


Toopy and Binoo play game called Tiger Chase.


Binoo is playing on a slide when Toopy comes and proposes a game of ‘Tiger Chaser.’ In this game, Toopy chases after a tiger. Binoo fills the role of tiger after Toopy draws stripes on him with a marker and puts orange and black striped socks over his ears.

In their game, Toopy and Binoo first begin their chase at the top of the slide, which leads to the peak of a snowy mountain with a goat sipping tea. While Toopy is distracted calling for him, Binoo slides down the mountain on a cloud. Toopy tries the same, but he falls and rolls into a snowball and knocks over some monkeys, who point out to Toopy to a fleeing Binoo. After Toopy accidentally runs into a peacock’s home, he chases Binoo to a deep, dark cave and Binoo quickly escapes. After Toopy exits the cave, there were bats on his head and then they fly away. Then, Toopy finds a plate of chocolate chip cookies. But unfortunately, The plate of cookies was actually a trap created by Binoo, which leads Toopy to realize the tiger was the best tiger chaser all along and it's Tiger Binoo!



  • Toopy thought the cave had tiger's eyes, when they were bats instead.
  • Binoo only does growling in this episode.



International Premieres

Baraem Arabia: February 14, 2011

Hiru3 Basque: March 23, 2012

HRT 2 Croatia: April 15, 2013

DR Ramasjang Denmark: January 20, 2014

NPO Zappelin Netherlands: June 26, 2015

CBeebies UK: May 10, 2016

YLE TV2 Finland: June 3, 2017

ALTER Greece: August 3, 2018

Hop! Israel: January 17, 2019

ZeeQ India: May 20, 2005

SpaceToon Indonesia: April 1, 2006

BBC 1 Ireland: January 29, 2007

NHK Japan: February 18, 2008

EBS North Korea: April 6, 2009

Astro Ceira Malaysia: May 22, 2010

NRK Super Norway: May 27, 2011

TVP1 Poland: September 10, 2012

RTS2 Slovakia: December 31, 2013

SVT Barnkanalen Sweden: October 16, 2014

TRT2 Turkey: January 8, 2015

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