The Big Race
Season 1
Episode 4A and 10B
Next Episode Little Red Binoo
The Big Race is parts 4A and 10B of Toopy and Binoo, making it be one of the recurring episodes.


Toopy, Binoo, and Patchy-Patch are taking part in a big race together.


The episode starts off with Toopy and Binoo getting ready for the big race and then, they started the race with Toopy taking the lead and Binoo pedalling and taking the lead. Suddenly, Toopy's wheel on his car comes off. So, he uses a pogo stick and he bounces past Binoo, but, his victory didn't last long when he falls in a gopher hole and Binoo retakes the lead.

Binoo pedals up a mountain and Toopy takes a hot air balloon and overtakes Binoo. But, he noticed a rope hanging from his balloon, but, when he pulled on it, the balloon deflates and he realized that he should've left the rope alone and Binoo overtakes him. But, Toopy slides a banana car, then, he notices a plug and it got deflated and Toopy rolled down the hill and he gets back in the race.

Binoo arrives at the river and sees Toopy going down the river on a boat, then, Toopy notices a bobber in the water and pulls the rope and reveals a plug and then, the water drains and he starts running, but, falls in the mud.

Toopy rides on Binoo's bike, but, as they make their way to the finish, Binoo runs into a rock and Patchy-Patch flies to the finish and wins the race!


The character’s vehicles used during the race, and what happened to them that caused characters to abandon them and switch vehicles.


  • His tricycle (Nothing happened to it)


  • His race car (Lost a wheel/tire)
  • A dark blue pogo stick (Got stuck in a gopher hole)
  • A hot air balloon (Pulled on a rope when he should have left the rope alone instead, causing him to fly down)
  • A banana car (Pulled on the string at the back and rolled into a snowball like he first did in Tiger Binoo when he tried to drive a cloud down the mountain)
  • A sea serpent boat (He found a bobbing thing in the water and pulled on it, causing him to make all of the water drain from a river due to this object being a plug, so the boat sinks.)
  • Binoo's tricycle (Rode with Binoo to the finish line, when hitting a rock, Patchy-Patch fell to the finish line)


  • Toopy took multiple vehicles while Binoo took only one.



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