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Night Light is the 3rd part of episode 3 of Season 1 on Toopy And Binoo.


Toopy and Binoo go on an adventure to find a shooting star for their Night Light.


Toopy and Binoo are about to fall asleep in bed at night. Binoo feels uneasy. Toopy realizes he might want a night light. Out their window, they see a smiling shooting star. Toopy thinks the shooting star would be perfect as a night light. He hands Binoo a net to catch her with and with rocket powers in his bed, he takes pursuit after the star. He passes sleepy ducks, fluffy clouds, and beautiful planets. He follows the star around, the both of them having fun playing this game of tag. She hides behind planets of all sorts, even a planet with a ring that they spin around on, and one with a small green alien reading a newspaper. Binoo gives up the motive to catch her and tells Toopy to follow the star instead. The shooting star leaps onto Toopy’s bed and shows the two companions the moon rising behind the Earth. Toopy realizes the moon could be a good nightlight, but realizes he can’t take it home. As a solution, he lands the bed on the moon and together, him and Binoo fall asleep, the shooting star happily flying away.



  • According to Toopy, the shooting star shown in this episode is female.
  • This is a first time where he says the word, "rascal".


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