Little Bo Toopy
Season 1
Episode 26B
Next Episode Cuckoo Clock

Little Bo Toopy is episode 26B of Toopy and Binoo.


Toopy and Binoo try to find the last piece to their puzzle by exploring the land inside what they have completed.


Toopy and Binoo are doing a puzzle based off Little Bo Peep. They then realize that the last piece is missing, which is the sheep. They then jump into the puzzle and try to find the lost sheep.

They end up in Puzzle Land and then they notice that there are 4 blue cats, and one of them is playing the violin. Toopy asks them if they seen a puzzle piece, but, they shook their heads, and then, they started laughing as Toopy and Binoo leave. Toopy wonders what's so funny.

Then they came upon the three little pigs building a brick house, they tried asking them where the sheep is and the three pigs shook their heads and as Toopy and Binoo leave, the three pigs laughed and suddenly their brick house collapsed.

Eventually, they came across a big wall and Humpty Dumpty appeared and then, he fell and land near Toopy and Binoo and when Toopy asked where the sheep is, and with the same results, Humpty shook his head. They leave and Humpty started laughing and Toopy says that Puzzle Land is a happy place.

Toopy and Biboo got back and they were unable to find the last piece. Then, Binoo started laughing and it turns out that the puzzle piece is on Toopy and Binoo placed it on the jigsaw puzzle and Toopy says that they're so good at this and they started laughing.

Other Character Appearances


  • Toopy and Binoo never knew that the puzzle piece was stuck to Toopy's bottom before they got back from the puzzle place they went to.



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