Season 1
Episode 2E
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While looking for Binoo's car, Toopy and Binoo stumble in Dusty-World where they must get Binoo's car back from Honest to Goodness Dusteroos!


The episode starts off with Toopy playing with his plane and Binoo chases after it, and then, Toopy is busy with the plane and tells Binoo to play with his car and Binoo looks for his car and he can't find it. Toopy lands his plane and decides to help Binoo look for his car, they look under the couch, which is dusty and then, Toopy sneezes and dust covers the area.

Toopy and Binoo arrived in Dusty-World and see some dust and they found Binoo's car, but, they also find Honest to Goodness Dusteroos and they drove off in Binoo's car and Toopy and Binoo chases after it and eventually, Binoo boards a skateboard with Toopy in tow. The Dusteroos go up the hill and then, Toopy and Binoo decided to jump when they drive by and while Toopy hits the ground, Binoo jumps in the car and Toopy decides to rescue him. Then, Binoo starts driving the car and they fling Toopy to a spring, then, Toopy gets an idea to get Binoo and the car back. He shows the Dusteroos his plane, which gave Toopy his chance to get Binoo and the car and then, they drive away.

Back home, Binoo controls the plane and then the Dusteroos parachuted down and Toopy tells Binoo to close the toybox and the Dusteroos want to play with every toy they got.



  • This and "Treehouse" are in 2 Episodes in 1.
  • This is also a refrence to Huggies Pull Ups Potty Training Camp.



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