Diaper Dream is the second out of fifth segment from episode 6 of Toopy and Binoo, and after Toopy Knows Everything, and after comes Jack-In-The-Box. It was written by Anne-Marie Perrotta, and Tean Schultz  

Diaper Dream
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Season 1
Episode 6B
Next Episode Jack-In-The-Box


The monster in Binoo's dreams turns out to be a crying baby who needs a new diaper.


Toopy and Binoo are asleep in their bed. Binoo is uncomfortable and having a bad dream, be out to be a baby monster crying. Toopy wakes up and finds out that Binoo is having a bad dream. Toopy decides jumps into the bad dream and help Binoo because Toopy has to find out what is causing all the trouble.

Toopy smells something stinky, and wonders why the monster is yelling like that. Toopy, confused, asks the monster what is wrong, and tries hard to get the monster's attention but it looks like the monster is not listing. Toopy then says that the monster sounds very upset, and it looks like they should cheer him up! Then, tears fall on Toopy and Binoo.

Toopy thinks the monster is hungry, then tells Binoo to dream up a banana, throws the banana in the monster's mouth, eats some of it, then he throws it and starts crying, making Toopy thinks that he doesn't like bananas.

The monster, getting even more upset, falls on his back after Toopy tells him to stop for one second. Binoo dreams up marshmallows, and Toopy tries to get him to eat them. The monster throws them after getting back up, and cries again. Binoo dreams up broccoli, cabbage, coconuts, cheese, but no avail. The monster keeps crying and now Toopy is out of ideas.

Just then, big stomps come. It turns out to be the mother. The mother picks up the baby, sniffs the diaper, then removes the bad diaper and puts on a new one, The baby is then happy and giggling. The mother then picks up Toopy, and puts a diaper on him!

Toopy then wishes Binoo a good night, and jumps out of the dream, tries to sleep, and is then awakened by the sound of the baby monster laughing!


(The episode starts off at night, where Toopy and Binoo are sleeping and Binoo starts having a bad dream, about a monster crying.)

Uh Oh! It looks like Binoo's having a Bad Dream. A Monster Dream. Hang on Binoo! I Will Help You!

(Toopy jumps into Binoo's dream.)

Something is Stinky. Whoa! Why is He Yelling Like That? What's Wrong Monster I Find Out

Oh Monster Monster Monster Monster Monster

What's The Master

Help Me Help he Sounds REALLY Upset Poor Monster He Sure has a Big Problem

aw Let's Cheer Him Up

I Know He Very Hungry Binoo Dream Up A Banana

There he Go

Yes It's Working It's Working He Likes it Good

He Got Empty Tummy

I Guess He Doesn't Like Bananas

Please Can You Stop For 1 Second

We Better Find Something Else


I Know Marshmallows Did YOU Dream has Some Marshmallows

It's Working Woohoo Yes Here Monster Goody Goody

Uh-Oh yeah

Um Broccoli, Cabbage, Coconut, Cheese.

I am out of Ideas Something Big it's Coming Uh-oh Wow

Binoo Is A Baby Monster and this Must Be his Mama

What Are You Doing

Uh OH The Monster is Stinky Aw

It's gonna be alright now come on.

(Suddenly, the Baby Monster's Mother picks Toopy up.)

Hey Hey What Are You..

(The Baby Monster's Mother puts a diaper on Toopy.)

No No Wait a Minute I Don't The hey Hey That Tickles Please Stop That Stop

Well Now you Could Go To Sleep See You In a Morning

(Toopy hops out of Binoo's dream and into bed.)

Sweet Dreams Binoo!


  • This has much like the plot of later episode Baby Toopy
  • Unlike in the episode Baby Toopy, Toopy does not seem to mind being in diapers as much. Where in Baby Toopy, he rejected and removed his diaper, in this episode, although he protests the mother diapering him, Toopy does not remove his diaper, even when going to sleep at the end of the episode.
  • Baby Monster is Crying Wailing and Yelling Screaming he Had a Tantrum
  • Foods Eat It
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Marshmallows
  • 3 Cabbage
  • 4 Coconuts
  • 5 Cheese
  • The mother monster made Binoo sleep comfortable again by taking out the bad diaper throwing it away and putting a new one.
  • In this episode of Toopy and Binoo “Diaper Dream” Binoo is sleeping uncomfortable because he’s having a bad monster dream.
  • Sleeping uncomfortable means no being refreshed after a good night sleep, wake up cranky, and people will be grumpy and tired.


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