Big Bad Christmas
Season 2
Episode 2
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Big Bad Christmas is the second mini-movie episode of season two of Toopy and Binoo. It's also known to be the twenty-eighth episode overall in the whole series.


Toopy, Binoo, and the Three Little Pigs look for a way to get Mr. Big Bad Wolf to like Christmas.


Closing Credits

The three pigs, Binoo and Mr. Big Bad Wolf are seen carrying presents and a pig putting a carrot on a snowman and shouts, "Happy, happy, happy!". Toopy appears at the end saying his quote from the beginning.


  • Patrick Chouinard, Catherine Hamman, Johanne Leveille, and Sebastien Reding were all voices in this episode as well as Marc Labreche, who voices Toopy in the French version.
  • Alexis Rondeau is this episode's animatic editor, but she and Robert Rivard, one of the layout artists, aren't seen in the French closing.
  • Katherine Sandford is the episode story editor, like in Rock-A-Bye Bear and Binoo the Brave.
  • Bruno Ruffolo is seen in both this episode, and Binoo the Brave. He's known to be one of two sound mixers in the show.
  • Overall, there were nine brothers and sisters of Mr. Big Bad Wolf's, and they've all received presents, but Mr. Big Bad Wolf thought Santa didn't put anything in his stocking.




  • Christmas! Christmas! I love Christmas! The music, the lights, the ornaments! And... the presents! Whoo-Hoo!

The Three Little Pigs

  • Happy, happy, happy! Happy, happy, happy!


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