Baby Toopy is the fourth out of fifth segment seen on episode 24 of Toopy and Binoo, coming after Toopy Knows Everything, and before Binoo's Wand. It was written by Anne-Marie Perrotta and Tean Schultz

Baby Toopy
Season 1
Episode 24D
Next Episode Binoo's Wand


Toopy and Binoo play together, Toopy wants Binoo to play as the baby, when Binoo refuses Toopy takes the pacifier and becomes baby Toopy that Binoo has to babysit.


The episode starts with Toopy and Binoo. Toopy wants Binoo to become the baby, when Binoo refuses Toopy volunteers and puts the pacifier in his mouth and shinks down to become a baby. This causes problems as Binoo has to be the babysitter for baby Toopy, who pees on the floor and takes off his shirt and runs around undressed around the house. He has a hard time feeding Toopy and finally he gives the baby bottle to Toopy and he grows up back to normal and Binoo has a turn being the baby.



  • This is one of the most viewed episodes on the official Toopy and Binoo YouTube channel with over 5.75 million views.
  • In the French version of this episode, Frank Meschkuleit, the English, voice actor for Toopy, recordings are heard at one point..
  • At the 4:14 mark of the episode, Toopy cries.
  • This is the only episode where Toopy cries.
  • This episode was the only time we've ever seen Toopy younger than his age now.
  • This episode, along with many others, were adapted into books a few years after they aired on TV.



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